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The Confessional Lines of a Recovering Over-Achiever

One day when I was shopping, I came across this t-shirt. After reading the words, my heart sank.  Now before I start sounding like a lecture, I do think that is the trouble with society these days.  We somehow have bought the lie that the more we do, the better we are.  The more we […]

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Lines in my Journal and Under a Tree

I had my oldest two boys start journaling as a part of their school day this morning.  As you can imagine, my plan was met with mostly negative reviews.  To illustrate why I feel writing down thoughts is important, I got out my “journal” file folder from high school, hoping to inspire them. I randomly […]

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Motherhood and Questioning Lines

To my dear Sister, Your life is about to change as you are about to be a Mom.  As Kyle pointed out, really you have been a mom for months.  Just now the work will begin on the outside instead of only the inside.  Although that part of you will continue to grow and stretch […]

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Lines of Gratitude: Generosity

I am not quite managing the daily thankful Facebook posts this year.  But I am trying to have both of my blogs reflect a grateful attitude this month.  Well, really every month that would be my goal.  Today I am especially thankful for one thing. Generosity: liberality (fullness) in giving. With having six people in […]

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The Good-bye Line to Age Four

Yesterday was my last day teaching the preschool class at our homeschool co-operative.  Possibly ever teaching preschool in a more formal setting as next year my youngest will be in kindergarten.  For ironically, yesterday was also my youngest child’s last day of being four.  Today he is the big five years old. He had me […]

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