Overcoming Line

Romans 8:37 “In all these things, we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.”

I was not quite into my American Idol years when her powerful voice hit the stage.  (My husband & I managed to follow the show for a few years and liked watching the contestants – not often the “famous” singers performing – modern pop is a bit scary to me!)  Anyway, I first became acquainted with Mandisa  when she sang back up for TobyMac.  (More on that great artist in an upcoming post).

Noticing her book, Idol Eyes, at my local library, I delved into reading more about this television performer.  Who would not been intrigued by her book’s subtitle: My New Perspective on Faith, Fat and Fame?  Her story inspired me – not because she has achieved a bit of notoriety as a singer, but because she loves Jesus and is honest about her struggles.  Transparency seems to be her intention as one of her albums is entitled, “What If We Were Real.”

Her album “True Beauty” is a part of our own music collection (Love “Never Gonna Steal My Joy!”), but I hope to add more of her songs in the future.  Her current radio release is “Overcomer” – a good reminder that through Christ we can make it past anything.  Here are links so you can listen and learn more about her latest song.

Mandisa “Overcomer” with the lyrics

Mandisa: “The Story Behind Overcomer”

She lives out the words to the song.  I personally have been encouraged by her testimony as she has been honest about her struggles with her weight.  She has lost over 100 pounds and shares a bit about the hard work involved in that process here: Mandisa: Ending the Journey to 100.

If you are looking for lyrics to inspire and encourage you, along with a soulful voice, listening to Mandisa is highly recommended.  To learn more about her, visit Mandisa’s official website.

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