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Redeemed Song of the Beautiful

Redeemed Lines: The Song of the Beautiful

Black Saturday.  The day after Christ died.  Because we know the ending, this day becomes the preparation for Easter.  A day for the celebration of spring. But long ago, to the disciples and those close followers of Jesus, this had to have been the longest day ever.  Although Jesus foretold his Resurrection, did they really […]

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Immanuel (with a nod to my niece’s favorite line “Here”)

During the years that I was having kids, my brother & sister were both single.  Secretly I wished that my kids had cousins their own age to play with.  Yet as always God’s timing is perfect.  I now have a wonderful sister-in-law & brother-in-law plus the cutest and two of the most adorable nephews ever.  The fact that I […]

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Lines in my Journal and Under a Tree

I had my oldest two boys start journaling as a part of their school day this morning.  As you can imagine, my plan was met with mostly negative reviews.  To illustrate why I feel writing down thoughts is important, I got out my “journal” file folder from high school, hoping to inspire them. I randomly […]

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Resolutionary Lines: What Will Truly Change Your Life

This morning I happily finished a yearlong project.  In fact this is the fourth year (in a row) that I have managed to complete my goal.  Pretty amazing feat for this mama of four who tends to have piles of stuff that I never quite get to … I read through my Bible in a […]

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(Please) Line Up at the Door

Many public and private schools across Nebraska are starting again today or tomorrow.  I like all of the back to school sales and the excitement of a new year.  But, with homeschooling, our days fluctuate a bit more, and we never completely stop school, so that first day is not quite as significant (although we […]

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