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2020 Songs for Savior Sacred Line

“Glorious” by King and Country: Songs for the Savior 2020: Song Five

Shepherds bowing in the moonlightAngels dancing in the night skyCan you believe it?Can you believe it? Mary smiling at the mangerTears spilling on a SaviourCan you believe it?Can you believe it? For unto us a child is born He is the chorus to every song that we were born to singHe is the rhythm of […]

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Lines of Togetherness: The New Video from “For King and Country”

How can we be together and yet apart? How can we be unified in a country where there are so many glaring differences? I know that when some of the commercials are played that emphasize the need to band together while staying apart, I honestly want to roll my eyes. I think the world is […]

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Unwritten Lines: What I wanted to say in January 2015

I am thinking that I possibly got your attention with my label for this post.  Yes, I am aware that today is in fact January 5th, 2016.  But I am still learning lessons from 2015.  I am allowed to reflect, right? 🙂 2015 was an interesting year for me.  While I knew going in that […]

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