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All is Well by Michael W Smith and Carrie Underwood

Song Seven: “All is Well” by Michael W. Smith and Carrie Underwood (Seven Songs for my Savior 2018 Edition)

“All is Well” is on the very first Christmas album that Michael W. Smith recorded back in 1994.  That album is still one of my favorite Christmas cd’s.  When he re-recorded the song over 20 years later, I was not sure that I would like that version as well.  But by turning it into a […]

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Noel by Lauren Daigle

Song Six: Noel by Lauren Daigle (Seven Songs for my Savior 2018 Edition)

“Noel.”  This French word is a bit complex because not only can it mean “good news,” it can also mean birth.  The perfect word to talk about the first coming of Jesus. God used both the stars and the angels to proclaim the message.  How like God to use part of His creation to announce […]

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Mary's Boy Child by Toby Mac

Song Five: “Mary’s Boy Child” by Toby Mac (Seven Songs for my Savior 2018 Edition)

Growing up in the 1970’s, my childhood Christmas carols involved orchestras, Ralph Charmichael and the Hawaiins.  All on records, of course.  Back then, traditional songs were played more often on the radio too.  All during the Christmas season, one could find songs about Jesus.  “Mary’s Boy Child” was still considered to be a  “new” Christmas […]

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Song Two Behold the Lamb of God

Song Two: “Behold the Lamb of God” by Andrew Peterson (Seven Songs for my Savior 2018 Edition)

One of my favorite experiences of Christmases past has been attending the Andrew Peterson “Behold the Lamb of God” tour.  Every time, his special guests play their own Christmas music for the first half of the show.  Then for the second half, they all perform his musical together.  If you have never had this experience, […]

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Just a Girl

2017 Song Two (Seven Songs for My Savior): Just a Girl

Every year, I have fun picking out one new Christmas album.  This year my choice was Brandon Heath’s “Christmas is Here.”  Featuring a fun mix of both traditional and new songs, this is one worth owning.  His song, “Just a Girl” definitely presents a unique perspective. I am certain that Mary, the mother of Jesus, […]

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Seven Songs for My Savior: Song Six: “No Eye Had Seen” by Michael W. Smith & Amy Grant

Michael W. Smith’s “Christmas” might have been one of the very first cd’s that I owned.    Since then he has created several albums, but I think his first one will always be one of my very favorites.  I think because the album seems to flow together naturally from one song to the next. Song number […]

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Seven Songs for a Savior 2016: Song One “Because It’s Christmas” by the Sidewalk Prophets

Evidently the fact that I have not posted on this site for three months is possibly an indicator that I have had a busy fall.  Taking pictures and writing words for a book will do that.  Especially when added to an already busy life. Now that I am on to the writing process itself, I […]

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Christmas Lyric Lines Vol. 3: Song Four for my Savior: “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” by Bryan Duncan

Last week, I talked about the fact that one of my favorite parts of the Christmas story is the fact that Jesus is Immanuel, God with us.  Not too surprisingly, one of my favorite Christmas hymns is “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.”  Since the song is in a minor key (at least I think it is – help […]

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Christmas Lyric Lines Volume 3: Song Three for My Savior: “Breath of Heaven”

As I mentioned in my previous post,  yesterday we took a “road trip” down to Kansas to watch our oldest play basketball.  In our comfortable minivan with the heated seats, radio, snacks and fuel to be able to drive for quite awhile without stopping.  While some time was involved, we basically could make it to […]

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Lyric Lines Vol. 2: Seven of Seven Songs for my Savior

Most of my album choice are somewhat methodical.  The Relient K “Let It Snow, Let It Reindeer” was an impulse purchase several years ago.  The album is as fun as it sounds.  Yet while several of the songs make me smile, this one made me cry. The main time that I get to listen to […]

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