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hope 2020 Songs for Savior Sacred Line

“Hope is Alive” by Ellie Holcomb: Songs for the Savior 2020 Song Four

After the silence of waiting so longWe hear a baby’s first cryAnd into our midnightA heavenly songWhispers that hope is aliveOh joy to the world on this holy night So sing with the angels that fill up the skyHeaven broke through and now hope is aliveHe is right here among usOur God is with us […]

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Adore Him 2020 Songs for Savior Sacred Line

“Light of the World” by We the Kingdom: Songs for the Savior 2020 Song Three

“Light Of The World (Sing Hallelujah)” Light of the worldTreasure of HeavenBrilliant like the starsIn the wintery skyJoy of the FatherReach through the darknessShine across the earthSend the shadows to flight Light of the WorldFrom the beginningThe tragedies of timeWere no match for Your loveFrom great heights of gloryYou saw my storyGod You entered inAnd […]

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Behold the Lamb of God Deliver

Deliver Us: Behold the Lamb of God

We all need to be rescued. What still amazes me about the Christmas story is that this is a part of God’s rescue plan that He designed from before the foundations of the world. God knew that we needed a deliverer. And He sent His son to step in and save the day. What is […]

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All is Well by Michael W Smith and Carrie Underwood

Song Seven: “All is Well” by Michael W. Smith and Carrie Underwood (Seven Songs for my Savior 2018 Edition)

“All is Well” is on the very first Christmas album that Michael W. Smith recorded back in 1994.  That album is still one of my favorite Christmas cd’s.  When he re-recorded the song over 20 years later, I was not sure that I would like that version as well.  But by turning it into a […]

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Song One Advent Hymn Christy Nockels

Song 1: Advent Hymn by Christy Nockels (Seven Songs for my Savior 2018 Edition)

After featuring a Christy Nockels song in my prelude post yesterday, how could I not introduce you to another one of her songs?  This first of seven songs for Savior 2018 edition needed to include this Advent Hymn.  What is fascinating about this song is the fact that Christy has an interesting co-writer.  Charles Wesley […]

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Christmas Lyric Lines Volume 3: Song Three for my Savior: “Noel”

“Noel.”  This French word is a bit complex because not only can it mean “good news,” it can also mean birth.  The perfect word to talk about the first coming of Jesus. God used both the stars and the angels to proclaim the message.  How like God to use part of His creation to announce […]

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