Christmas Lyric Lines Volume 3: Song Three for my Savior: “Noel”

“Noel.”  This French word is a bit complex because not only can it mean “good news,” it can also mean birth.  The perfect word to talk about the first coming of Jesus.

God used both the stars and the angels to proclaim the message.  How like God to use part of His creation to announce His birth.  According to Merriam-Webster, the word incarnate means,

invested with bodily and especially human nature and form

As for the word, divine, it means

of, relating to, or proceeding directly from God

God was not an outside observer.  He was fully a part of the Savior’s birth. “Come and see what God has done” is a beautiful reminder that God was and is the Orchestrator of our salvation. 

This version of a birthday song reminds us that this birth  was like no other.  When Ed Cash, Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin combine their talents in one song, how can it be anything but brilliant?  Once you add the vocals of Lauren Daigle, you have a Christmas song worth remembering.


Love incarnate, love divine

Star and angels gave the sign
Bow to babe on bended knee
The Savior of humanity
Unto us a Child is born
He shall reign forevermore

Son of God and Son of man
There before the world began
Born to suffer, born to save
Born to raise us from the grave
Christ the everlasting Lord
He shall reign forevermore

Come and see what God has done
The story of amazing love!
The light of the world, given for us

Note: If you would like to purchase this song, it is available on Chris Tomlin’s album, “Adore: Christmas Songs of Worship.” By using this affiliate link, you are supporting my writing life at no extra cost to you. Thanks!

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