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hope 2020 Songs for Savior Sacred Line

“Hope is Alive” by Ellie Holcomb: Songs for the Savior 2020 Song Four

After the silence of waiting so longWe hear a baby’s first cryAnd into our midnightA heavenly songWhispers that hope is aliveOh joy to the world on this holy night So sing with the angels that fill up the skyHeaven broke through and now hope is aliveHe is right here among usOur God is with us […]

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Long Line of Grievers

This week has a been a celebration of new life for my family – welcoming my sweet niece into the world.  But I was tremendously saddened to learn that for a family friend, this is has turned into a celebration of life through the completely unexpected loss of their two year old granddaughter. I never […]

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