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Homonym Lines Part 1: Not Idle-Idol

Admitting that I might just have an idol is hard to type.  But unfortunately I think it might be true.  As I type this my husband is upstairs finishing up yet another perfectly designed bathroom.  I was upstairs “helping” (by throwing away trash and keeping him company).  But for now, I decided that it is […]

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Lyric Lines: Three of Seven Songs for a Savior

Just over a year ago, we said our earthly good byes to my Grandmother.  She had just turned 100 several months before, so she was definitely ready to go to heaven!  Now that I have said farewell to all four of my grandparents, Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Home for Christmas” means even more.  I could not […]

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Long Line of Grievers

This week has a been a celebration of new life for my family – welcoming my sweet niece into the world.  But I was tremendously saddened to learn that for a family friend, this is has turned into a celebration of life through the completely unexpected loss of their two year old granddaughter. I never […]

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