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Behold Him 2020 Songs for Savior Sacred Line

“Behold Him” by Francesca Battistelli: Songs for the Savior Song Six

“Behold Him” She put up the treeStockings one, two, threeThey all know one is missingIt’s been a whole yearWithout him right hereWon’t be the same kind of ChristmasSome years it’s wonder and lights in the skySome years it’s okay to cry In your silent nightWhen you’re not alrightLift your eyes and behold HimFeel the thrill […]

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2020 Songs for Savior Sacred Line

“Behold” by Plumb – Songs for the Savior 2020 Song One

“Behold” by Plumb Years of silenceWaiting on a kingThey thought they knew who you would beA soldier, fearless and strongA warrior, but they were wrong In the darkest nightCame brightest light BeholdBeholdA baby’s birthPrecious lamb of GodBeholdBeholdYour gift to usSavior of the world So we prayWe ask and seekWhen the answers don’t come easilyAnd when […]

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Behold the Lamb

Behold the Lamb of God

In one of Jesus’ first public appearances in His ministry, He was baptized. John the Baptist proclaimed that He was the one that everyone was waiting for. Jesus is the Messiah, the long awaited One. I am so thankful that Jesus is our Savior. Behold the Lamb of GodWho takes away our sinBehold the Lamb […]

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Light of the World Songs for my Savior

Song Six: “Light of the World” by Lauren Daigle (Seven Songs for my Savior 2018 Edition)

“Desperate times call for desperate measures.” This phrase might fit well with the Christmas story. After all, we all were lost. But Jesus came. He is the one that answers our cry when we are in need. And that is what we all are. We need a Savior. He has come. Lyrics: The world waits […]

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Lyric Lines Vol. 2: Seven of Seven Songs for my Savior

Most of my album choice are somewhat methodical.  The Relient K “Let It Snow, Let It Reindeer” was an impulse purchase several years ago.  The album is as fun as it sounds.  Yet while several of the songs make me smile, this one made me cry. The main time that I get to listen to […]

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Lyric Lines: Four of Seven Songs for a Savior

Chris Tomlin’s Glory to God in the Highest is one of the most worshipful Christmas albums!  All of the songs point to the Savior.  But the one that is my favorite actually features another lead vocalist – Audrey Aussad.  Since we are getting a few flurries here today and tomorrow, this song, “Winter Snow” seems […]

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