Lines of Togetherness: The New Video from “For King and Country”

How can we be together and yet apart? How can we be unified in a country where there are so many glaring differences? I know that when some of the commercials are played that emphasize the need to band together while staying apart, I honestly want to roll my eyes.

I think the world is ready to move on from Covid-19. Taking precautions at first felt kind. Now limitations are feeling burdensome. At least at my house, I know that my four kids are feeling restless. We all might be feeling a bit annoyed. Trying to figure how to be respectful of others while not living in fear is a challenge. Now I am not in any way saying that we should overthrow the system. But I know that I also do not want to be limiting God’s plan for my life by always staying at home either.  I am definitely thankful that my husband is able to continue working since we are self-employed. But I feel for those whose livelihoods are uncertain.

We all do need encouragement to keep going.  That is why I am definitely a fan of the new “For King and Country” song that was released this week. I watched it for the first time tonight.  While I do not want anyone to get sick and I do want to be considerate of my fellow man, living in isolation can be hard.

What I appreciated the most about the video is how they had each of the storytellers “flip the script.” They were able to identify areas of struggle, but then they also recognized the positive parts of being quarantined. I appreciate that because I think if we allow this crisis to make us turn bitter and negative, we will definitely lose the battle. I am thankful that God is in control. He will help us to make it through this challenge. And we do need to stick together. Community matters even more right now!

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