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Lines from Lynn Blackburn’s Dive Investigations Series

Because I live in the center of the United States,  I do not have any diving experience. Actually to be honest, I am not a great swimmer, so I am not sure that diving is really a hobby that I was pursue anyway.  After all, we do have lakes in Nebraska, and even dive teams that do occasionally try to solve crimes. (In fact, the featured image is of a special diving bell that was invented in Nebraska – it can be seen at the Lake McCounaughy water interpretative center.)  Reading this series helped me to understand the importance of having officers that can examine crimes under water.  Determining if a person died of natural causes or foul play is definitely more complicated if scuba gear is involved. 

I really enjoyed the characters that are introduced in Dive Team Investigations series by Lynn Blackburn. Working together underwater is certainly more challenging. Solving cases definitely take the time. If you want to purchase this series, the Amazon affiliate links below allow you to purchase great reads while supporting my writing life at now cost to you. Thanks for your support.  Keep reading to find out a short synopsis about all three books.

In Beneath the Surface, Leigh thought she would be safer if she returned to her hometown after a patient became too friendly because of her previous employment. But when her brakes are cute, she recognizes that danger may have followed her. Thankfully her high school friend turned police investigator, Ryan Parker, is willing to help find what is going on.

While Adam Campbell is used to his family having connections, he certainly is surprised when his name is mentioned in connection with a dead accountant. In Too Deep examines family secrets. Dr. Sabrina Fleming, forensic computer expert extraordinaire, plays an important role in this one. I loved seeing how she comes into her own. Note: This book does tackle human trafficking. While the author does this in an appropriate way, the topic may be too much for some readers.

One Final Breath was definitely an anticipated read for me as I had to wait for this one to come out. I hoped that Investigator Gabriel and Dive Team Captain Anissa would have their own books. Sparks certainly were flying throughout the previous books, and they were not exactly pleasant all of the time. The reader finds out why Anissa can be so prickly – she has never gotten over the murder of her best friend or the fact that a three year old went missing on her watch. Add a new case that involves the death of a teen boy, and there is plenty to wonder about.

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