Holy Guacamole A Glorious Discovery of Your Undeniable Worth

The Lines of Holy Guacamole: How God Made You Extraordinary

Can there be a more fitting title of a blog post for the 5th of May than a book title that contains the name, “Guacamole?” I read the book,   Holy Guacamole: A Glorious Discovery of your Undeniable Worth by Carrie Stephens during the winter as one of my first non-fiction books of the year.  What a way to be inspired as  I definitely enjoyed this book!

   First, Carrie Stephens is funny!  I am often much too serious (my family would attest to this, sigh.) Many Christian living books are also much too serious.  Joy definitely seems to a missing ingredient. That is not the case with Holy Guacamole. Carrie definitely has a strong sense of humor, and many of the stories that she told made me laugh!  As a pastor’s wife, Carrie knows what it is like to struggle to meet other people’s expectations. Not taking yourself too seriously is a great place to start?

   Second, Carrie Stephens knows Scripture. While some of the Bible passages that she talked about were maybe more familiar, many references were not. She also has the ability to help the reader apply the particular passages to their every day lives. Biblical and practical are a powerful combination!

   Third, while this book is not a memoir, Carrie Stephens does share many applicable times in her own life when she has struggled to find God’s calling. The chapters had situations that I could relate to. After reading the book, I could tell that if I ever lived the near the author, we would be friends. She seems to be  that approachable. 

   So what does guacamole have to do with a book about spiritual growth? You will definitely have to read Holy Guacamole to find out!  A big thank you to NetGalley and to Shiloh Run Press for allowing me to read a preview copy of this book!

To purchase this book, please use the affiliate link below. At no extra cost to you, this supports my writing life. Thank you!

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