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Redeemed Song of the Beautiful

Redeemed Lines: The Song of the Beautiful

Black Saturday.  The day after Christ died.  Because we know the ending, this day becomes the preparation for Easter.  A day for the celebration of spring. But long ago, to the disciples and those close followers of Jesus, this had to have been the longest day ever.  Although Jesus foretold his Resurrection, did they really […]

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Wrap This One Up

2017 Song Three (Seven Songs for My Savior): “Wrap This One Up”

Perhaps I bought two Christmas albums this year.  Okay, I did.  But once you hear Christy Nockels‘s album “The Thrill of Hope,” you will probably head right out and get one for yourself.  Her voice is so incredibly beautiful.  I have a feeling that I will be sharing one of her songs every year for awhile.  […]

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