My Line for 2016: “Toward” (My Word of the Year)

KraftyKash Philippians 314

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Initially my word for 2016 was going to be forward.  Lately I have been feeling stuck in some bad habits, and I want to move on.  Plus those piles of papers have been just sitting there – you know, the ones that were going to go away months upon months ago.  I need to move on.

Then I realized that for me the word “forward” reminds me of a bulldozer – pushing on and not caring about who or what gets in my way.  I am realizing that sometimes looking back is the only way to truly move forward.   Yet I do know that progress needs to be made.  Perhaps rather than going straight ahead,  I need to reconsider which directions God is calling me.  That my answer – moving toward God and all that He has planned for me.  Incidentally the word, “toward” is found in the version that I liked for my verse for this year …

“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 3:14

How am I letting “toward” define my direction this year?  This is the official definition of  that resonates most with me.

Toward: going on; in progress; afoot

Rather than causing stress, this verse and thought provides a bit of relief – a respite from my perfectionist tendencies.  I do not have to my life all together.  Instead I just need to be on His path – pushing toward the finish line.  Toward God’s high calling for my life.

How about you?  Did you choose a word or a verse to guide your 2016?   Or perhaps instead you have a life word or verse.  I would love to have you share your thoughts below.

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2 thought on “My Line for 2016: “Toward” (My Word of the Year)”

  1. Sarah

    I like the idea of choosing one word as a focus for the year. Although I find myself resisting it a bit, mine would have to be “worship.” I can hardly hold a tune and can’t play any instruments, and honestly I’m one who doesn’t even listen to music much, but God has laid on my heart that I need to return to my first love and worship him like I did when He first brought me to Him. It is not necessarily always in song, mostly just an attitude of heart. When I am adoring Him, all the rest of my life takes on a different hue. Those things that really matter stand out more. I stop being the center of the universe. All is well. Thanks Gretchen for helping me center in one word!

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