Loquacious Line

I still remember one distinct conversation with my sister in the kitchen when we were younger.  I think I was a young teenager but still was old enough to know better.  I was trying to convince her of something to her and probably was not letting the topic go (I tend to do that sometimes).  She plugged her ears and said “I am not listening” over and over.  Of course, this made me a tad bit irritated.  So, I did what every sister does – I threw the glass of milk that I was drinking all over her.  Not exactly a mature response.  And I am pretty sure that I got in trouble.


Milk – great for drinking – not so much for throwing.

I still have a tendency to want to prove my point.  Being a bulldog can be a great quality over certain topics, but at times, those around me would benefit if I learned to let my opinions go.  Rarely do we regret what we do not say.  And I have also learned that if my thoughts really need to be said, I usually will have the opportunity to say them again.

I was reminded of this when I read my Praying Through the Bible devotional by on September 3rd.  These are the verses that she highlighted from the Living Bible version…

Ecclesiastes 5:7 b “There is ruin in a flood of empty words; fear God instead.”

11 The more words you speak, the less they mean, so why bother to speak at all?  Ecclesiastes 6:11

(If you have never heard of author, Cheri Fuller, you are missing out.  She is one of my favorites on intentional living!)  Well, rather than going on and on, this time I will let my words be few.

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