Line up to see the Tabernacle in Lincoln

Tabernacle Experience
Lincoln Youth for Christ

For the 2nd year in a row, Youth for Christ is bringing The Tabernacle Experience to Lincoln.  Our whole family went last year, and we were all moved by the encounter.  Getting to see a life size replica of what you can only imagine when you read the book of Exodus is life changing.  Just walking through the different areas, you begin to understand the symbolism of the aspects of faith in a whole new light.

This post tells about my impressions from when we went last year.  If you have driven down Pine Lake, you have probably seen their big tent.  Lasting from June 5-14, you can reserve a time online. I would highly recommend doing this in advance, so that you are not having to wait outdoors for your turn.  While they do have a shaded waiting area, you can still get a bit toasty.   To help offset the costs, a five dollar donation per person is expected.  Understanding the Bible in a whole new way: priceless!

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