Perfectly Matched by Liana George: A Celebrate Lit Tour

Perfectly Matched by Liana George Celebrate Lit Tour

About the Book

Book: Perfectly Matched

Author: Liana George

Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Release date: April 4, 2023

Nicki Mayfield is getting married!

Three days after deciding to marry so she can adopt the little girl who has captured her heart, Nicki Mayfield is heading to Texas to become Mrs. Ben Carrington. However, as the unlikely pair prepares to say “I do”, a shocking revelation threatens their plans to become a family.

Searching for the answers to the mystery that’s holding her future hostage, Nicki must also figure out how to keep Ms. O’Connor’s legacy alive at New Hope while simultaneously navigating a relationship with a guy she barely knows. None of which are proving to be easy tasks to manage.

Sacrifices will have to be made.  Challenges overcome.

Can beloved organizer Nicki Mayfield succeed at building the unconventional family she wants or will circumstances beyond her control keep her from being perfectly matched in work, life, and love?

Find out as the final chapter in the Hopeful Heart Series comes to a conclusion!

About the Author

Liana George is a sought-after speaker, blogger, and author. Before pursuing a career in writing, she was a professional organizer and the former owner of By George Organizing Solutions in Houston. Her first two books in the Hopeful Heart Series, Perfectly Arranged and Perfectly Placed (Scrivenings Press), are based on her experiences as an organizer and her time living abroad in China. The third and final book in the series, Perfectly Matched, released in 2023. In addition to penning novels, she is also the Co-founder and Creative Director at The Author’s Write Hand, a marketing/platform building/virtual assistance agency for Christian authors as well as a co-host of the Uncluttered podcast. When she’s not putting things in order or scribbling away, you can find her reading, traveling, or watching tennis.

Perfectly Matched by Liana George Celebrate Lit Tour

More from Liana

Nicki Mayfield’s Guide to Preparing for the Unexpected

At the beginning of Perfectly Matched, Nicki Mayfield and Ben Carrington are about to tie the knot AND adopt a toddler. Being a wife and a mother are foreign concepts to Nicki, who never dreamed she’d be either. Especially not within such a short timeframe!

However, just as Nicki and Ben began to move forward with their new family, a shocking revelation threatens their happily ever after and throws their perfectly arranged plans out the window. Thankfully, being a professional organizer Nicki knows how to prepare for a surprise or two.

Here are Nicki’s five best tips for preparing for those unexpected moments in life:

  1. Don’t panic. That usually only makes things worse! Take a few deep breaths, pray, and see if you can get a clear understanding of what’s going on so you can get a handle on the situation.
  2. Devise a temporary plan. Knowing that things are not going according to plan doesn’t mean you have to jump ship completely. See if you can come up with an alternate plan to carry you through the next few hours, days, or weeks until you can get back to your original agenda.
  3. Stand together, not divided. Don’t let the unexpected cause division – either mentally, relationally, physically, or spiritually. Now more than ever you and your friends/family/significant other need to band together. Find ways to make that happen—even if it might be costly—because you’ll need all the support you can get during those turbulent times.
  4. Don’t make assumptions and give up. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, assume the worst, and be tempted to quit. Don’t! Keep the faith and keep fighting until you’re absolutely certain there are no other options left.
  5. See the unexpected as a blessing rather than a curse. While we may not enjoy the interruption of an unexpected circumstance, it might just be part of God’s divine plans. If it is, then you can expect a blessing to come from it, regardless of how dim the situation may look at the moment.

See how well Nicki follows her own advice and handles all the unexpected twists and turns she faces in Perfectly Matched, book three in the Hopeful Heart Series, which released on April 4, 2023.

My Review of Perfectly Matched

“Last night we had everything perfectly arranged. And even though I wasn’t happy about waiting, I could handle that. But now that everything’s been turned upside down once more, I’m not sure I’m up to the challenge.”

From the first time that Nikki went to China, her life has not been as she expected. She didn’t expect to fall in love with a little girl. Having a friend willing to marry her to help her adopt was also unexpected. Now she and Ben are heading back to the U.S. to get started on making all of these plans happen. But because life does not follow a specific path, everything seems up in the air again. Will Nikki learn to trust God in a whole new way? And will little Lei Ming finally get to be a part of a family?

There were so many twists and turns in this third novel in the Hopeful Hearts series. While a reader could possibly follow along in this title, I highly recommend reading the whole series. Knowing the back story will make you appreciate how this plot plays out. So many unexpected details that God arranged, placed and matched! I loved the reminder that while we may make plans, God is the one who orchestrates our lives. This book was a beautiful combination of Chinese culture, friendship, family and even a little romance to round it out.  

I am so glad that I read this series as it was very uplifting! I highly recommend it! Thanks to book tours I found out about this author, but I was able to read her books through Kindle Unlimited. I volunteered to read the books, and all opinions expressed are my own.

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