The Dividing Line: Assimiliating Christ

Jewelry box

Quite possibly, I have outgrown my jewelry box.  Not that I have that much jewelry or even really have anything beyond “costume” style, but still the space is tight once I add all my earrings. And the underneath drawer jams if I put in all of my bracelets.

Open jewelry box

But as the wooden box was a farewell gift when I graduated from Northwestern College, it remains a treasured keepsake.  For it reminds me of times spent with Suz as roommates and also as friends.  (And she is probably surprised I still even have it! 🙂 )

Today the box also reminds me of something else.  A visual picture of what I desire my life to be like (and also the direction I want to turn from!)

The subtitle of this blog is “assimilating Christ” into my life.  A dear friend pointed out that I did not explain this as well as I could have as to why I chose that phrase.  So, here is why.

Assimilate: to take in and incorporate as one’s own; absorb:

This is how I want Christ to be in my life – fully a part of everything I do.

I think that some people put their Christian faith up in a safe place – they know where it is but do not daily address it.

up high jewelry box

Or maybe they just include Christ and their faith as a part of one day of their week or if they happen to be desperate.

High Jewelry with labels

Many people would even consider their faith to be important enough to ponder to Christ throughout the week.  But he becomes just one of the items – another label, not really affecting any of the other areas.

Separate Jewelry labels

That is not what I want.  I strongly desire to have Christ impacting and influencing every single aspect of my life.  Where He affects the relationships with my family and friends.  Where He determines my work.  Where Christ even is a part of my fun – where He can join in without me turning away in shame.

Assimliated jewlery

This is assimilating Christ for me.  Incorporating Him and faith into my whole life!

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