Long Line of Leavers

I decided that for my first “Lines on a Staff” favorite albums/songs post to use the one title that actually contains the word “line” was fitting!  I randomly stumbled on this Caedmon’s Call cd on sale one time.  The rest of the album is good, but I often do not manage to make it past the first track because that song is one of my all-time favorites!  I actually thought the name of the song was the same as the album title (“Long Line of Leavers”), but I discovered today that the song is entitled “Only One.”

Caedmon’s Call: “Only One” on Youtube

I know the words ring true for me and probably are true for many of us.  When a situation gets hard or when someone is being unlovable, we want to move on.  We want the predicament to just go away.  And I have a feeling that this feeling has been passed down through the human race.

I remember when I was dating my husband.  We had a rough week or two where we just weren’t quite communicating well.  I know that I had unreachable expectations.  He was my first real boyfriend, and I know I was rather insecure about the whole thing.  So, I decided to pack up some of his things that I had on my porch and drove over to his place to drop them off on the porch.  I figured that I would just be done before he inevitably decided that he was over me.

Thankfully he caught me before I left, and we were able to talk things through.  Or the course of my life might have drastically changed because he possibly would not have pursued me if I was that willing to walk away over minor misunderstandings.

I wish I could tell you that was the only time I have felt like leaving.  I also remember meeting my husband at the door one night after a long day with our baby and toddler.  I said hello, then good-bye and drove away.  I knew that I would come back, my husband was fairly confident that I would as well, but my toddler was not so sure and cried hysterically as I pulled out of the drive. (I only stayed away a few hours which was still probably more than I needed to do!)

I still have my moments where I feel overwhelmed.  But I have learned to give myself a book break.  Or exercise.  Or treat myself to a Dr. Pepper.  If I do not have enough alone time, I can turn into a wreck.  But I know that leaving is not an option.  I am committed to my family, and they are stuck with me!  🙂

Even though I have panicky moments, this song springs up thankfulness in my heart that God has never been hesitant about me the way that I can be toward others.  As the One who knows me better than anyone, He is One that should be quickest to leave.  And He doesn’t.  In fact, God promises me that He will NEVER leave me or forsake me.  Undeserved love!

You’re the only one
Who knows my secrets
You’re the only one
Still you’re the only one
Who never leaves
And I wake up to this mystery

You can visit this site for the rest of the lyrics.

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    1. neodyssey

      Thanks, Suz! Looking forward to checking out your site as well – I should have assumed you had one! 🙂 Glad that venture has continued to go well for you!


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