The Lines of Skipping Thanksgiving

Several years ago, John Grisham wrote a book entitled, Skipping Christmas about a couple who decides to take a vacation instead of going about their typical Christmas events.  Of course life never goes as planned, and the results are different than they anticipated.  (A fun read!)
Anyway, I think our culture every year seems to be pushing toward the eradication of another long honored holiday.  Black Friday seems to be the focus for many people these days, and Thanksgiving has simply turned into “Turkey Day.”  I think that is rather sad.
Now, don’t get me wrong – I love a good deal.  Our family of six would not survive financially without coupons and specials and bargains.  And I even plan on blogging about several places where you can “shop local” and still get lots great deals.  Thanks to wonders of computer technology, these entries will even post VERY early on Friday morning in case you like shopping in the middle of the night.  (I will be sleeping during that time!)   I might go shopping on Friday, but I like to go around 6 in the morning.  Most of the great deals are still happening, and I am less crabby if I get sleep.  I personally am rather sad about the fact that stores and restaurants are even open on Thursday.  Why can’t the “regular” world shut down for the day?  That being said …

Skipping Thanksgiving?

I want to annually enjoy the 4th Thursday of November – I do not want to bulldoze Thanksgiving aside.  So, for today and tomorrow, I am taking a break from my regular blog posts.  Instead I will be writing about what we are doing to celebrate Thanksgiving at our house.  Then tomorrow I will post about the true meaning of this important holiday (hint: it has nothing to do with shopping).  Thanksgiving is a day I definitely do not want to skip!

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