Lyric Lines: Six of Seven Songs for a Savior

Remember I told you that I am a bit of a Christmas music junkie?  I almost made it through this December without buying a new album.  But this morning I am caving in and buying Sidewalk Prophets’ “Merry Christmas to You” album.   (And at $6.99 for the MP3 on Amazon right now, I think it is also a pretty good bargain!)

Why else am I convinced that I will love this particular album?  Mainly the very first song – that is my personal favorite right now.  Partially because of the beginning – the song opens with an excerpt from my all-time favorite Christmas show.  I love listening to Linus read the Christmas story every year.  The other reason – the song is just a happy one, encapsulating all of the joyous feelings that come about this time of year.

I think that for the shepherds that night long ago was most unexpected.  They just were going about their work – not anticipating that their evening was going to be anything but typical.  Instead the glory of God – the very personification of His being – surrounded Him.  How could that have been anything but amazing?  They had to have felt a little overwhelmed as they tried to grasp that Jesus was born.  If you are feeling a bit of that way this year – bewildered by all that life is – you also do not need to fear.  A Savior has come!

P.S. In case you are like me and like knowing the “inside scoop,” here is the lead singer of Sidewalk Prophets telling more about the song!

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