The Lines of Romans 8:28

Probably since high school, I have had Romans 8:28 as my life verse.  I have seen the words lived out over and over as God has directed His plan for my life.

Romans 8:28 (NASB)

28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

These lines are coming to have new depth of meaning to me lately.  The word “work” is what is standing out today.  Along with the realization that whenever work is involved time is a factor.

One of my children swallowed a coin several years ago.  Why exactly the money was in his mouth is unclear, especially because he was old enough to know better.  But we had to wait several days for the coin to work itself out.  While this situation was mainly a pain free process (God designed the human body in an amazing way!), the route still take some time.  No instantaneous solution.  But the clearing result was a very good thing.  Especially since no surgery was involved.

I think when I started to cry over a light switch (that had been custom placed by my husband specifically for my convenience), I realized a key lesson.  Even though I know that overall our family is going the right direction, this does not mean that every step is going to be full of sunshine and gladness.  (To my teary defense, I am rather sleep deprived due to lots of interruptions this week by a coughing boy who needs nightly breathing treatments.  But I will admit that I maybe am an emotional processor.)

Observing other friends also going through life changing transitions, I am reminded that changing direction can be bumpy.  Working can require maneuvering.  And maybe as one of my friends pointed out, a bit of necessary grieving.  Although hopefully my next cry will be over something more important  than light switches.

Since I am not very crafty, one of my favorite craft projects that I did during a MOPS morning involved gluing a poem onto foam then embellishing the “frame.”  While the sequins are long gone, the message has remained on the side of our fridge for years.  Recently this poem has come to have new meaning for our family.

Healthy thing grow.

Growing things change.

Changing things challenge us.

Challenge forces us to trust God.

That leads to obedience.

Obedience makes us healthy.

Healthy things grow.

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