Summer Lines on a Page: 2016 Edition

This summer, I wanted to write a series of posts on some of the fabulous Christian authors whose books you should know about.  If you are around me long enough, you probably already know that reading is one of my very favorite things to do.  I am not sure that my husband fully grasped this when he married me – the fact that the boxes of books would continue to come with us. 🙂

Fiction is usually my genre of choice.  For one thing, I love to get lost in a story.  Plus non-fiction tends to keep me up at night because usually it challenges me a bit too much.   Non-fiction is also what I tend to read as a teacher, and by nighttime, I am ready to be done thinking and teaching.  Mostly I will feature fictional literature, yet I will try to highlight a few of my non-fiction favorites too.

Picking out books can be a challenge.  Although I have a few secular authors that I will read on occasion, for the most part I stick with Christian fiction.  Authors have come a long way in this particular genre as well.  The titles I read in high school tended to be a bit sugary sweet.  Now authors tend to include more real life situations, and I appreciate that more balanced perspective.

Throughout the summer months, I plan on recommending several authors to you.  Some you will probably have been familiar with – some will definitely be new.  In July, I plan on telling you all about some of my favorite authors who just happen to be from Nebraska. I am just excited to finally be taking the time to do this series!


One thought on “Summer Lines on a Page: 2016 Edition”

  1. Barb Olson

    This is AWESOME…Gretchen….I just recently switched to Non-Fiction…mostly biographies…but I’m willing to read some fiction as well.


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