Seven Songs for My Savior: Song Six: “No Eye Had Seen” by Michael W. Smith & Amy Grant

Michael W. Smith’s “Christmas” might have been one of the very first cd’s that I owned.    Since then he has created several albums, but I think his first one will always be one of my very favorites.  I think because the album seems to flow together naturally from one song to the next.

Song number six on the disc actually ranks up there as one of my very favorite Christmas songs.  (And that is saying a lot!)  Michael W. Smith wrote this song with Amy Grant.  They sing this song as a duet, and the lyrics literally echo in my heart.

No eye had seen
No ear had heard
‘Til hosts on high
Proclaimed the birth
And heaven brought down
(Quietly with no one watching)
Its only child
(From the womb of perfect peace)
The son of man
(Wellspring of our joy delivered)
The world reconciled
(Into earthly destiny)

And song broke forth
Angelic strain
And none could help
But sing the name

(Kyrie eleison we sing)
(Glory to the newborn King)
(Mortal and immortal voices)
(Endless praises echoing)

Kyrie eleison means “Lord, have mercy!”  (Yes, that is in fact what they are singing in that long 1980’s song too!)  Couldn’t we all use a bit more mercy?  More undeserved favor?  Thankful yet again that Christ came to dwell with us.  Glory to the newborn King!

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