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The Lines of Glory Falls by Janine Rosche

“His jaw clenched hard enough to ache. He’d never been one to wax poetically. But that hadn’t stopped her from knowing exactly what he’d been thinking. It had always been easy. No drama. No angst. Just Beck and Blue. He’d give anything to have that comradery again. But she was right. It was gone.”

Glory Falls by Janine Rosche, the end of chapter six

I read my first book by Janine Rosche, This Wandering Heart, soon after it became available in 2020. At that point, I became an instant fan of her books. I felt privileged to be able to be a part of her Wildflower Road book launch team. Getting to be a part of the Just Read Blog & Review Tour for her third book in the Madison River Romance series, Glory Falls, is so exciting for me!

Interviewing authors to find out behind the scenes details is one of my favorite things to do. Reading through Janine’s answers made me love Glory Falls (and the series) even more. While I do think you will love the third book even more if you read the other two first, Janine did an excellent job of catching the reader up in book three in an unobtrusive way. Here is the Glory Falls book blurb.

If you have not read the books, there are only minor spoilers contained in the interview below. Janine managed to beautifully answer my questions without really giving anything away. To make the interview easier to read, I italicized my questions. Her answers are shared verbatim.

Please enjoy my online conversation with Janine Rosche.

The word “Glory” is a fascinating word to use in the title of a book. Why did you choose that particular word? Does it reflect on a place or more of the theme of the book?

Glory has several meanings in this book. It’s what young Thomas and Blue named their tiny waterfall. It was the name of Blue’s heroine in her award-winning script—a girl who saved her town the same way Blue saved Thomas from his awful childhood. In that case, Glory is how Blue sees herself. The most important part, of course, is the biblical concept of God’s glory and the idea of waiting for His goodness and majesty to pour down over you and whatever hardship you face.

The loss of a child is a tough topic to tackle. Did this concern you in plotting out the book? How did you handle covering that type of loss?

Little Ella Lawrence was one of the first characters I ever wrote. For those who have read Wildflower Road, you might remember that in the first chapter, Ryann Matthews passes by Ella’s grave in the cemetery. For some reason, that short mention lingered in my mind. How hard that would be—if the river you’d grown to love stole something so precious to you and you had no explanation why.

There were a few things I did to ease the pain a reader may feel. First, I included the death in the back cover summary so no one would be hit blindly. I needed to include some time (two years) between the loss and the start of the story so it didn’t feel so fresh. I couldn’t ask Blue to confront her grief too soon. I was very careful with any memories or flashbacks so readers wouldn’t be overwhelmed.

Because grief is a heavier topic, did you intentionally try to invoke humor in any certain way?

With one character racked with grief and the other burdened with guilt, I knew I’d have to include moments of airiness. Enter, Molly, Thomas’s dog. She was based on my own beloved yellow Labrador also named Molly. For thirteen years, that sweet girl faithfully absorbed my tears through miscarriages, several broken hearts, and the death of my father. In Glory Falls, Molly not only gives Thomas someone to open up to, but she also brings a smile in every scene she appears. I had so much fun incorporating the goofy things dogs do.

It is also why I chose to start this story with a prologue. I needed to show the purity of Blue and Thomas’s friendship before their lives and their relationship fell apart. My goal as an author was to get them back to that type of relationship by the final page.

Thomas is a part in the other two Madison River romances. Is there a certain reason that you chose to have his book be the third one?

“Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.” If that doesn’t describe Thomas, I don’t know what does! I loved the idea of a gorgeous, yet awkward man who never gets the girl. In This Wandering Heart, he flirts a bit with Keira, which made Robbie almost lose it. In Wildflower Road, you learn that he and Ryann had been a thing for a while but she could never see him in that way. I needed him to get the girl for once. Not just any girl—the perfect girl for him.

This is your third Madison River Romance. Is there one particular character that has connected to you more personally?

Blue definitely has my personality. She’s spunky, loves to joke around, and isn’t afraid to live outside the box—like kicking for her high school’s football team.

But Keira is the one my soul understands. I am constantly battling twin desires to experience pure freedom in the form of an open road and to be there for the ones I love most.  Perhaps that’s why It’s a Wonderful Life is my favorite movie. Keira, George Bailey, and I have a shared dilemma.

Is there an overriding theme that connects all of the Madison River Romances?

All three of the books focus on trusting God even when you don’t understand His ways. It is something I struggle with in my own life, as well as every time I visit the site of the Hebgen Lake Earthquake. This world, as Blue says in Glory Falls, is not supposed to be this way. But we press on because we know that where there is sorrow, there is also grace, family, love, friends, fly-fishing, and probably some huckleberry hotcakes.

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I appreciate JustRead including me as a part of this tour. A BIG thank you to Janine Rosche for graciously answering my questions and for writing such beautiful books. I am definitely a fan. To learn more about her, please visit her website. Note: While I did receive a copy of the book to read, I did not receive any other compensation for this post.

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