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Sami A Abrams Romantic Suspense

Recently I had the privilege of being on the launch team for Sami A Abrams’ book, “Buried Cold Case Secrets.” Recently I asked Sami if she would be willing to answer a few questions about her first book as well as her writing process. I was so excited when she agreed!

What type of research did you have to do in order to write about a forensic anthropologist?

The research for my forensic anthropologist actually came from a conference I attended a couple years ago. The Writer’s Police Academy held Murder-Con in North Carolina, and I went to a workshop held by a forensic anthropologist. For suspense writers Murder-Con is the most amazing experience where you learn about police procedure, homicide, and all kinds of things most people don’t want to know. Yes, we are a weird bunch.  

What was the most challenging part of writing a suspense story?

In my opinion, the most challenging part of writing a suspense story is dropping hints and plot twists so the villain isn’t obvious. Inside secret: I typically don’t know who the bad guy is until I write the end.

How were you able to add faith into a story that deals with a darker past experience?

Writing the faith element when a character has a dark past experience is the easy part. There’s more to question and a bigger impact on the character’s faith. I struggle more with the characters who have more of a normal past.  

What process did you go through to create your book trailer for Buried Cold Case Secrets?

Book trailers are easy. I contact Shannon Redmon and say “Hey, I need a book trailer.” Lol! Seriously, Shannon does amazing work.

(Such an impressive book trailer!)

What other projects do you have in the works that you can tell us about?

Oh, this is the fun part! I have so many things to tell you about. For Love Inspired Suspense, book two, Twin Murder Mix-Up, will be released August 23, 2022. Plus, I just signed a three book contract that will release in 2023/2024 and will complete the Deputies of Anderson County series. In addition, I also write for Sunrise Publishing. I have a June 2022 release that’s a story based in Lynette Eason’s Elite Guardians world. It was so fun to write Lizzie and Charlie’s story. Who knows, there might be more with Sunrise Publishing (wink wink), so keep on the lookout.

How did you come to be a part of the "Suspense Squad?"

My beloved Suspense Squad. I love my writer friends; they are amazing. The Suspense Squad started a couple of years ago when Darlene L. Turner had her debut novel coming out right as the world shut down. A few of us got together and brainstormed how we could help promote her book and poof, the Suspense Squad was born.

If readers want to keep in touch with you, what do you suggest?

The best way to stay in touch is through my newsletter. You can find the sign-up on my website. You’ll also receive a free short story.

Other places to find me are:

A big thank you again to Sami for answering these questions. Please check out her new book and her links!

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