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Nebraska Inspirational Fiction

Hello from Nebraska. For most of my life (other than college), I have called Nebraska home.  And I truly love my home state. In fact, I have written my own books about traveling around Nebraska and Lincoln. Naturally I need inspiration sometimes. What better place to look than Christian fiction?  Here is a list of […]

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Author Cleopatra Margot

The Written Lines of Cleopatra Margot

Those of you that know me will not be surprised that I took note when an Instagram post mentioned that a fictional story was set in Nebraska. I commented. That resulted in me messaging the author. When I looked at her picture, I thought I might be confused. She looked rather young.  That is when […]

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The Written Lines of Nebraska Writer, Stephanie Grace Whitson

Through the years, I have developed a long list of favorite authors.  One of the women will always stay near the top of my list, partially because she has set many of her books in Nebraska but partially because she knows how tell a great story that resonates truth.  Recently I was privileged to have […]

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