Faded mauve lines on our dining room chairs

Recently my husband found a high table for our dining room.  The  price was incredible since the table was missing a leg.  That fact would have halted most would-be purchasers, but my handy guy just fabricated a new one.  And the table really does look lovely.


Almost matches our hardwood floors …

So, we put our former dining room table and chairs on Craigslist.  Thankfully they sold within a day.  We had purchased them at our neighbor’s garage sale several years ago., so they were definitely used.  And slightly dated based on the mauve fabric seat covers.

Dining table

The table definitely served us well, hosting many a birthday party and other gatherings.  Part of me was sad to see it go.  Even though our new table is nice, and I will enjoy it, familiarity is always my first choice.  Not a fan of change.  Of course, currently we do not have any chairs for our higher table, other than our basement school stools.  So perhaps once we have seating, I will feel differently and appreciate the table even more.

Dining chair

Fabric and children do not go well together.  Especially when food is involved.  Not wanted the purchaser to back out on the agreed upon price, I decided I should scrub the chairs before they went out the door.   Cleaning the grime off chairs really gives a person time for active pondering.

The stains were not distinguishable.  Just gray blobs on damask stripes.  (Why would anyone picked dusty pink for chairs?  Shows every blemish!)  But I could not help but wonder.  What if I could point at a particular stained line and have that bring back a memory?

Of the time our dinner with our friend, Steve, was cut short (at least my end), when I had to rush our youngest to an emergency dental trip when he managed to get a huge hole in his tongue.  (I’ll spare you the picture).  Or when we had our missionary friend, Jen, over.  She shared Romania pictures, and we all sipped root beer floats.  Or when we had our neighbors over for dinner after her father passed away.  Dining together was easier than bringing food across the street (plus then I was the one to do the dishes). Not to mention countless times of gathering together with our families for birthday parties and to watch games.  The table could hold quite a spread.  (Note to self: fondue and football games do not mix, unless you really didn’t want to watch the game anyway).

Near this table, I found out I am going to become an aunt again.  I have watched my children grow, seating higher and higher up to the table.  I have completed projects.  I have taken a break in the chairs to chat on the phone.  Even folded laundry there (if the table was cleaned off).

Memories that bring back moments of laughter. With a few tears and fits thrown in for good measure.  Moments that were fleeting but hopefully captured in our souls.  Reminds me of a rather classic Amy Grant song.

Her words might be a bit more poetic than mine.  “If these grimy mauve seat covers could speak” just does not have the same ring to it.  But I guess it is the same point.  Memories are worth making around the table.  Especially ones full of gratitude and joy.  I hope that the table will also be the source of positive moments for the family in its new home.  (Although I am bit skeptical on that since when they picked up the table last night they mentioned that it would be a great pong table, and they seem to have forgotten the word ping to go in front).

Good-bye extendable table and worn chairs.  Thanks for the hospitality opportunities that you added to our home!

2 thought on “Faded mauve lines on our dining room chairs”

  1. tonya

    I loved reading this, and felt part of the journey. Who knows, you could have been scrubbing chilli stains from my kiddos. 🙂 I do love the new table- K is amazing! 🙂

    1. neodyssey

      That could be possible although I think that usually our kids eat in the kitchen. You have not spent enough time around our table. Especially lately. I wish that could be easily remedied. Why does time have to pass by so slowly and quickly at the same time?


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