A Line of Strollers

When you have four kids age six and under, you need a way to transport them.  For a time, we had a double stroller, single Graco one that matched our car seat and an umbrella stroller minus the covering that these little strollers came with a few years after we had our first born. This does not include our wagon with the big wheels.  Or our bike trailer that could be a jogging stroller if the mechanism was not quite so complicated to switch out.  I should have taken a picture of all of them lined up when we had them all – they took up some space!

Yesterday my daughter informed that she wanted me to take her on a stroller ride.  As she is rather petite, she still fits in our umbrella stroller (the only actual stroller that we still have).  I almost said “no” but then I realized that I could benefit from some exercise and fresh air.  Of course my youngest wanted to go too, so they took turns riding in the stroller or riding their bikes as we went around the block.

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I also recognized the fact that my days as a stroller momma are almost over.  Although I am sure I will be able to cart around my sister and sister-in-law’s babies that will be arriving soon, my kids usually would rather ride bikes or scoot than just sit.  I knew this just might be the  last stroller ride featuring my own children.

Kind of reminds me of one of my favorite books.  The one I refuse to read.  Why?  Because I am practically sobbing by the time I finish reading the thing.  In fact, just thinking about it makes me cry.  (Yes, I can be a bit too sentimental).

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I enjoy all of Karen Kingsbury’s books anyway.  This one might be one of her best – at least the one that relates so well to my life.    She points out that we often note our children’s “firsts” while missing their “lasts.”

The last time you ran to me, still small enough to hold.

The last time that I comb your hair or stop a pillow fight.

The last time when we cuddle with a book, just me and you.

The last time that you spend the night with your old tattered bear.

See why I cry?  My youngest is about to turn five, and my oldest is almost eleven.  Time with my children can seem fleeting even as certain moments drag on.  I read somewhere that the days are long, but the time is short.  Definitely true in the lives of moms and dads!  Especially those who have young children who seem to need us all of the time.

So, yesterday I relished one more push around the block, going more laps than was planned.  (No, our rides did not last 4 hours, only about 30 minutes).  But I enjoyed every minute because I know some point soon that will be the last time I am able to push my kids around.  🙂  So, stroll on!

5 thought on “A Line of Strollers”

  1. Roylene Michels

    Great story about the stroller ride. Cherish every moment as you have been. There will be plenty of “firsts and lasts”. Enjoy everyone that you can. Love you.

  2. Kari

    To date, this realization has never been more real than thinking about Keenan graduating in a year and a half!!!!! WHERE!DOES!THE!TIME!GO?! We’re talking college and life-plans… *sigh* It does fly by…


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