Forty Lines After the Hour

My grandparents had quite the collection of antiques.  When I was younger, I did not recognize that this was unusual.  As many of them are now gracing my home, I am highly appreciative.  What is amazing is that many of them were gifts from a gentleman whose family did not want them.  I am not exactly sure where the Schoolhouse clock came from, but I love having it hang on our basement wall.

For awhile, the clock found a home in our upstairs  hallway.  For this light sleeper, the ticking sound drove me to insomnia at times.  Having the clock downstairs where I can enjoy the pendulum sounds when I am supposed to be awake is much better.  The clock already controls our lives as it is.

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Most weekday mornings, our alarm clock goes off at 5.  My husband needs to leave for work by a bit after six.  That gives him time to get ready, and we get a little bit of time together.  Although we are short on time and not often awake to have completely meaningful interactions, at least we are both up and around.  One important part of our morning is listening to Ron Hutchcraft.

I had the privilege of meeting Ron when he came to my college for a special chapel series many years ago.  A humble, godly man who exudes words of truth.  The insights that he brings to Scripture enlighten and inspire us.  So, every morning at forty minutes past five, we try to tune in.  Although if sometimes they play his “A Word With You” segment a bit early and we do not have the radio on time, all is not lost.

Yes, I know that not everyone sees 5:40 twice a day like we do.  Maybe for some of you the earliest that you ever see is the eighteen lines after six time like is shown above.  And if your wake-up time is even later, you are still okay.  His daily devotionals can be listened to online.  And while they always display his transcripts, there is just something about listening to the man himself that adds weight to the message.

Today’s devotional was very encouraging.  And then the song that our radio station, My Bridge Radio, followed up with went along perfectly with his message.  (I am thinking that was deliberate 🙂 ).  So, if you have time to listen to a devotional and a song this morning, I think you would be blessed.

Ron Hutchcraft: A Word With You

Casting Crowns does not have an official video for “To Know You,” the song that was played afterwards.  But someone developed one on YouTube that was actually fairly well done.  (And not odd or scary like some of them!)  I like to be able to read the words as the song is playing.  I pray that we will all be able to live out the words that defined Paul’s life … “I want to know Christ.”

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