Blessings Abound through numbers 30-39 on my personal timeline

I am less than two hours away from entering my next decade.  Since I can remember when my parents turned 40, this birthday does seem like a bit of milestone for me.  My thirties were good to me!  Not that there have not been challenges, but overall I have been so blessed by God!

I entered my thirties with only one son who had just turned one.  I leave with four amazing kids.  And I have now been married for almost 14 years and do love my husband even more.  Very blessed!

Also blessed for our kids to have all 4 grandparents nearby. And with my parents in town, they have remained such a supportive part of my life.  So thankful.

I gained a wonderful brother-in-law almost 2 years ago, and my sister is expecting their first baby soon.  I also gained a sweet sister-in-law soon after, and she and my brother are also expecting a baby in several months.  Babies are definitely an excellent way to usher in my next decade.  Especially if I am holding them and not having them anymore. 🙂  Blessed with all the additions.

I have moved twice and survived remodeling even more than that.  (I think we will make it through this project and the even more major one to come. 🙂  )  .  Blessed to have places to call home.

Also blessed to  have friends who love and support me.  Some who have remained through the years and some who have joined my life this decade.  Blessed to be living in community.

Blessed to be a part of a church where the Bible is preached and where love is extended.  Blessed to have a Bible to read on my own and with my family!

I look forward with anticipation to starting a new decade.  Thanks be to God for His indescribable gifts.

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