Lines of Gratitude: Generosity

I am not quite managing the daily thankful Facebook posts this year.  But I am trying to have both of my blogs reflect a grateful attitude this month.  Well, really every month that would be my goal.  Today I am especially thankful for one thing.

Generosity: liberality (fullness) in giving.

With having six people in our family, our activities are sometimes limited.  Time can be a factor, but more often we are constrained by finances.  One ticket is usually not a big deal, but six is a bit more pricey.  So, we stay home, which is usually where we want to be anyway.

But I started realizing the other day just how many events that we have gotten to attend at no cost to us.  For free!  This gift is often extended from our family who have passed on tickets or even purchased them on our behalf.  I know that when this happens it becomes too easy to expect as opposed to being thankful.  I do not want that attitude at all!  Thank you, our family, for thinking of us.

The other day we were even blessed by strangers …

Volleyball game Garrisons

I am not even sure exactly who the tickets came from, so I even have no idea who to thank.  Someone connected to my Dad’s office was given Nebraska volleyball tickets.  No one from his office could use them, so they came our direction somehow.

I have to say that while I am a big Husker football fan, I might be an even bigger volleyball fan.  I try not to miss any of the broadcasted games – I love watching the Husker women play.  I had been to a few games at the Colosseum, their former venue.  But I figured that I would not make it to a game at the updated Devaney anytime soon.

Volleyball Kaylee and Mom

Proof that I was there too and can occasionally be in front of the lens, rather than behind it!

We were given 5 tickets, so we only needed to purchase one.  Plus we were given a parking pass.  For all of us to normally go to a game would cost us $90 (or $60 for standing room only tickets).  Not an expense that we would justify.  But $15 for a family night out was definitely doable.  And a fun way to celebrate our youngest’s fifth birthday.

So, thank you to whoever shared with our family.  We were SO blessed by your generosity.  May we pass on the gift.

The generous man will be prosperous,
And he who waters will himself be watered. Proverbs 11:25

thankful tree




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