Lines of Gratitude: Drip Line of Coffee

For 37 years, I was a proud abstainer.  In fact, I am not even sure that I could make a decent pot.  We did “inherit” my Grandma’s percolator pot, but the glass top part broke, so for the longest time we did not even have a way to make coffee. So, if my mother-in-law came for a visit, her only option was instant.  (Usually she ran out to McDonald’s and bought a small cup instead).

Grandma's coffee pot

Until my husband came home from the church men’s retreat having discovered the effects of morning caffeine.  Suddenly we owned 2 working coffee pots – a small one for everyday and a large one for company.  He was convinced that I needed to join in on this new morning adventure with him.  I was not so sure.

But gradually I wore down and through the use of cream (filling half my mug at first!)  I gradually liked coffee.  Even more I like the results.  My brain suddenly feels less uncluttered.  Now we have not joined the Keurig or Starbacks craze, but I have to say our coffee pot is here to stay.  And I do understand why one of my favorite mystery writers calls the beverage “Swedish plasma.”  One cup does seem to help me (and thankfully I have reduced the cream to a short level, but I am doubting I will ever be a “black coffee” girl!)

I like being fully awake to enjoy that all God has planned for me.  And I am hoping that they will not come out with a study anytime soon that says that even one cup of coffee is bad for you.  Speaking of this, I have had not had my morning mug yet, so bring on the joe!


P.S. Unfortunately, Chris Rice does not have an official video on this song, but this was the best version I could find.  A fun song about how God brings us to life!

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