Line of Twisters

Today is a “Severe Weather Alert” day across Nebraska.  Having lived in the area of the Hallam tornadoes a decade ago, I definitely pay more attention if bad weather is coming my way.  To be honest, all that could happen today makes a bit nervous.

Praying “please don’t send them my way” seems a bit selfish.  Especially since that is essentially praying, “Lord, have the tornadoes bother someone else.”  Kind of reminds me of the Woody Guthrie song.  (The one that just happens to be a part of the  current Cowboy exhibit at the Nebraska History Museum.  Song buttons my kids love to push!)

Oh, little doggies
It’s your misfortune and not of my own

Praying for someone else’s house to be leveled instead of mine is not exactly thoughtful.  I do have a bit of a sinking feeling in my heart today.  Storms are so likely that probably at least one Nebraska family who woke up in their home will go to bed without one tonight.  That makes me quite sad.

These storm possibilities happen frequently enough that we Midwesterners might have our own pre-storm rituals.  I am trying to motivate the kids (and me) to help catch up around our house – putting away laundry, taking care of the messy kitchen and cleaning up the scattered Matchbox cars before they potentially become projectiles.  Making dinner early and one that could be prepared quickly in the microwave since the potential loss of electricity would affect a crockpot.  Grilling is probably not such a good idea either.

Nebraska weather

After a thunderstorm in our area on Sunday …

In the midst of this all, I peek at the moving clouds.  And I ponder.  Just what will be unleashed.  And a tiny part of me wonders just why God created such massive storms.  All the while I cling to the fact that God has PROMISED that He will never leave or forsake us.

And I know that even if these storms do not directly affect me or my family, there is always something brewing underneath that does.  Tragedy is but a phone call or text away.  Sometimes it is obvious, but other times the hard times simmer.  And circumstances that can flatten me, just seem to breeze by other people.  Until we personally know the story, we can never know what is truly going on.  The forecast only shows a part of the picture.  The predictions and reality are often different.  What can we do?  Simply pray that God will hold us close through all of the storms of life!

But maybe watching the sky is not such a bad way to spend the day.  After all, in another verse (Mark 14:62 to be precise), another promise is given.

“I am,” said Jesus. “And you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven.”

At some point the clouds will open, and He will come down.    Just like today, different endings will occur.  The time will end in joy (for Christ followers) and gloom for those who have chosen life without God and destruction.  That cloud showing will be far more powerful than any twister.

Are you ready?

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