Summer Line-Up (And Through TODAY a Free E-Book “Surviving Summer Vacation” by Kathi Lipp)

Our school year is winding down.  Since the temperature is going up, this is maybe a good thing.  Motivation levels are definitely going down.  This might also be because our lives are still in limbo as our house is still on the market.  We have had too much going on around here for awhile.

I do look forward to summer vacation possibly as much as the kids.  Maybe more so on certain days.  As a homeschool family, schooling definitely dominates our days, so it is nice to take a break. Three months seem to stretch out endlessly before us.

Yet I know that I do need goals for June, July and August.  Our time tends to fly by and without direction, we can be a bit aimless.  While I also do not want to cram our days full of activities, I do want our chosen events to be enjoyable and meaningful.  I always hope our family will thrive rather than just survive.  Sometimes I am not sure how to go about doing just that.

When I stumbled upon Kathi Lipp’s free e-book,Surviving Summer Vacation , I knew that the title was a must-read.  Having skimmed through the short book, I am appreciative of her focus.  Although I have already done some of her ideas with my kids, many of her suggestions were still new to me.  And that can be hard to do since I have been a mom for over a decade.

I would highly recommend Surviving Summer Vacation and really any of Kathi Lipp’s resources.  Having heard her speak at a MOPS conventiona few years ago, I can vouch for the fact that she “gets” moms and families.  I am always thankful to read books that help focus on my priorities (God and family).  So, take the time to download the book TODAY while it is still free, as tomorrow that opportunity is gone.




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