Lyric Lines Vol. 2: Five of Seven Songs for my Savior

Last week I shared a TobyMac song featuring Owl City.  Only seems fitting today to share an Owl City song with TobyMac as the supporting cast.  This song is a new one to me this year and was a fun one to add to the I-pod.

Made for the Veggie Tales Christmas video, Larry and the Light of Christmas, this song focuses on thinking of others during the Christmas season.  That is a lesson we all often need to learn.  Sadly, our Veggie Tale days are coming to close around here.  That makes me a bit sad although I guess someday having teenagers huddled around watching vegetables also might be a bit odd.  Guess I will just have to keep having my niece and my nephew over to keep watching Bob and Larry.

The Veggie Tales version of this video is rather cute.  Of course if you have not seen the episode, you may want to watch the Owl City version of the song.  I think this clip was a bit of a spoiler for me because I think I now know what happened in the Larry and the Light of Christmas.  Oh well – I bet it will still be good.  Anyone want to come over to watch and relive childhood with me?  I do have the DVD from the library for a few more days … 🙂

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