Christmas Lyric Lines Volume 3: Song Six for my Savior: “Come On Ring Those Bells”

Pretty certain that the prayers of many kids were answered today.  After the mildest December that I can remember, today the world outside my window is blanketed in white.  Since we do not have very far to go today, I do not mind at all.  After all, I did go to Minnesota for college – a little snow doesn’t scare me. 🙂  Perhaps I should be featuring “White Christmas” instead of my intended song.  (If you are looking for a great version besides the iconic Bing Crosby edition, the arrangement by Sidewalk Prophets and Francesca Battistelli is quite stellar.)  Anyway, since we are about to head out to spend time with my family for the day, I will go ahead and feature my planned childhood favorite.

Evie.  (After I posted about her music earlier, I got a text from my dear friend from college who mentioned growing up listening to her as well – I knew we were friends for a reason.  🙂 ) Evie’s Christmas album will always be one of my favorites – one of these days, I hope to get it on cd since the original record still hangs out at my parent’s house. Pretty certain that it hasn’t seen the light of day for awhile since their record player has long ago been replaced.  But Evie’s song “C’mon, Ring those Bells” is a Christmas classic in my book.  Pretty certain that several Christmas programs involved us ringing bells and attempting to sing along.  We even have the sheet music to pound it out on the piano.

Everybody likes to take a holiday
Everybody likes to take a rest
Spending time together with the family
Sharing lots of love and happiness.

Come on, ring those bells,
Light the Christmas tree,
Jesus is the king
Born for you and me.
Come on, ring those bells,
Every-body say,
Jesus, we remember
This your birthday.

Celebrations come because of something good.
Celebrations we love to recall
Mary had a baby boy in Bethleham
The greatest celebration of all.

Normally I like to share the lyric videos, but for today, my gift to you is to watch Evie sing this other iconic classic live.  You’re welcome, and Merry Christmas!

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