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Christmas Lyric Lines Volume 3: Song Six for my Savior: “Come On Ring Those Bells”

Pretty certain that the prayers of many kids were answered today.  After the mildest December that I can remember, today the world outside my window is blanketed in white.  Since we do not have very far to go today, I do not mind at all.  After all, I did go to Minnesota for college – […]

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Christmas Lyric Lines Volume 3: Song Two for My Savior: “Mary’s Boy Child”

Bet you won’t be surprised to hear that I grew up listening to Christmas records.  Yes, the ones on the turntable.  The two I remember most were the “Hawaiians” and my personal favorite, Evie.   (I am giving you a big hint as I will be featuring her signature song a little later in this “Lyric Lines” series.)  Most […]

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