The Written Lines of Dani Pettrey

This week I am introducing you to the second author with a novella in the book, Sins of the Past, and her name is Dani Pettrey.  Because Dani happens to have homeschooled her children (at least for a season), I feel a natural affinity for her writing.  That and the fact that she does write a great stories full of redemption and second chances.

Summer Lines to Read

Reading Shadowed, the novella in the book, Sins of the Past, is the perfect introductory Pettrey novel because it happens to be the prequel of her popular, Alaskan Courage series.  This five book romantic suspense series follows five siblings who have adventures in Alaska.  At some point, I plan to read the whole series again from start to finish now that all of the books are completed.

  • Submerged
  • Shattered
  • Stranded
  • Silenced
  • Sabotaged

Recently she began another series: Chesapeake Valor.  This series revolves around guys who used to be friends in college until an event tore them apart.  Now about a decade later, the guys interact professionally but not exactly personally due to one of them being missing.  Cold Shot, the first book,  follows around one of them – a sniper turned park ranger as he interacts with these friends as well as a lovely, spunky forensic anthropologist.  Set in the Middle Atlantic, Pettrey does a great job of introducing us to her own part of the country.

To get to know Pettrey and her books better, you will definitely want to visit her website.  Complete with dossiers and extra information about her characters, she also gives you video introductions about the settings of her books.  Although she may not be living every adventure, she definitely is not a remote spectator either.  Unfortunately I cannot seem to link you directly to her site, but you can simply copy/paste the link:   I know that you will enjoy her books.


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