The Written Lines of Nebraska Author, Deidra Riggs

When you sit around someone’s living room, you start to get a glimpse of that person is.  For me, I knew that Deidra Riggs was someone that I wanted to get to know.  Not because we have so much in common, because at least on the surface, we don’t.  She is an empty nester – I still will have all four of my children at home for several more years.  She is married to a pastor – I am married to a blaster.  She has been blogging/writing for five years longer than I have (starting her blog in 2008). I am guessing from her Facebook posts that we probably differ some in our political views and in our ideas of social justice.  Plus she is stylish African American woman who knows how to disco while I am an uncoordinated white chick who feels like she has a long ways to go to grow up.

That last statement – that especially can be the polarizing one.  Why should that be the line that sticks out?  I don’t know.  But Deidra is tackling that exact subject in her latest book that is set to come out next spring in 2017.  This description below is straight from her website.  I know this is one book that I will definitely read.  I am tired of polarizing political posts and division on everything from race to gender – letting Christ reconcile us IS the answer.  That is why even though I may not agree with every thought that Deidra records, I am thankful for a friend who challenges me to think, to get beyond rehearsed words to the heart of the matter: Love God, love people.







Now I promise you this is not just a post promoting Deidra’s upcoming book.  Or her blog, although I definitely think you need to read AND subscribe to all of her posts.  Instead the rest of this blog is in honor of her first title – one of the BEST books that I have read so far in 2016: Every Little Thing.  Actually one of my favorite non-fiction titles ever.  Not only did this book change my perspective to remind me that I really CAN make a difference TODAY, but I think Deidra would agree that the book changed her and gave her a new vision.  Her mission is to help you …

celebrate your right-now-right-here life

Isn’t that reassuring?  The idea that you could be

making a world of difference right where you are.

I have to admit that usually I lean toward stories.  Since this non-fiction one was full of true-to-life stories, the theme captivated me.  In fact, I had to slow down to reading just a chapter at a time, so that I would actually absorb the words as opposed to just reading them.  100% guarantee that if you choose to read this title, you will also walk away a transformed person because the words are full of references to His Word and His truth.  You cannot help but want Jesus to penetrate your heart even more.

Really there is not much else to say except this is a must-read.  Worth buying.  Although I might be willing to loan out my copy to a friend or two, this is a title that is worth reading multiple times, and you will want to own this one.  Inspiration for those who are weary of doing good.  For those of you who feel like your life is not making a positive impact.   Reading this book will help you center on the reality that God did create YOU with a purpose in mind.  In fact, need a little encouragement today?  I will leave you with one of my favorite paragraphs in the book.

Deidra Riggs Every Little Thing






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