Seven Songs for a Savior 2016: Song One “Because It’s Christmas” by the Sidewalk Prophets

Evidently the fact that I have not posted on this site for three months is possibly an indicator that I have had a busy fall.  Taking pictures and writing words for a book will do that.  Especially when added to an already busy life.

Now that I am on to the writing process itself, I have been home a bit more.  After Thanksgiving, I love listening to Christmas music, so that has been keeping  me company as I try to type away.  One of my favorite Christmas albums purchased several years ago is The Sidewalk Prophets’ album “Merry Christmas to You.”  Every song could be a favorite.  In fact, initially I had another song in mind.

But after listening to “Because its Christmas,” I knew that expressed exactly where I am at.  Since I am rather overwhelmed at the moment, I can forget why I have a decorated tree in my living room and why the carols are playing on the radio.  Especially the last verses of the lyrics perfectly express how I feel.

To hear the song, enjoy the video below.  Evidently this household had a bit more time than I have at the moment.  Their Christmas light show coordinates with the song. 🙂

Now I am finally getting off the computer to going enjoy the fire that’s bright and the tree that’s full of lights that the song is talking about.  I am more than ready to leave the loud and busy side of the world and ready to let my worry melt away!  Because it’s Christmas and the Savior is born!

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