Delayed justice

Delayed Justice: Lines about Book 3 in the Hidden Justice Series by Cara Putman

Another great book by Cara Putman – an affiliate link is included in case you want to purchase the Delayed Justice for yourself!

How can anyone move past a traumatic experience?  That is the issue that Jamie Nichols has to tackle. She is a successful lawyer who thought she had moved on from her childhood troubling experiences. But the more that she worked with abused kids, the more she began to recognize that she needs to heal before she can help others. So she takes the step forward that she has delayed for years – to bring her victimizer to justice. The road is not easy. While the path does include romance, that is not the emphasis of the book.

Note: due to the subject of abuse, this book could be a trigger for certain readers. Yet it also could be a source of healing as the author tackles this tough subject in a moderate way. While she does not completely gloss over the abuse, at the same time, she does not add graphic details.

This book was a reminder to me that we need to be aware of those around us.  Because Jamie seems confident, no one would guess that she was an overcomer. How often is that true of those that we encounter?  Also, Jamie was consistently reluctant to spend time with her uncle. That should have been a red flag for her mom. If we are around children who are struggling, it is worth taking the time to investigate why.

What I really appreciate about Cara Putman’s series on justice is that the she tackles real life issues. In this world full of sinners, there is abuse. Hurt people hurt people. Often. While the solution is help and healing from God, this is not treated as an easy answer.  If you enjoy clean legal suspense, you would definitely enjoy this series!

Here is the affiliate link to purchase Delayed Justice by Cara Putman.

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