Prelude the King is Coming by Christy Nockels

Prelude: “The King is Coming” by Christy Nockels (Seven Songs for my Savior 2018 Edition)

I am not ready for Christmas.   When I was younger, I do not recall ever feeling this way.  But now that I am older and my kids are older, this time of year frequently feels overwhelming.  Last year, the cause was a book release.  Plus our house was on the market.  This year we are still not quite settled for our move almost 9 months ago.  Plus we all ended up getting sick recently.  But ready or not, Christmas comes!  The King is coming!  How quickly I can forget that really the point of this season is not about how I feel.  This is supposed to be a time of preparation.  A time to consider how Jesus’ birth and eventual death and resurrection has impacted the world.

The first time I heard this introductory song by Christy Nockels, I cried.  With the soaring stringed instruments in the background, this song is majestic.  And that is the very point – to prod me to the King.  Her whole album is like that – once you hear all of the songs, you will understand why I recommend this one so highly.

The King is coming
Open up your eyes to see it, open up your ears to hear it
The King is coming
Open up your minds, believe it, open up your heart, receive Him

Below is a video where Christy shares what inspired her approach to this album.  Click on the link above to hear the introductory song and the next link to hear all of the songs that she added to YouTube.



Even thinking about this song brings tears to my eyes. The whole album is definitely worth adding to your collection. If you choose to do so by using the link below, you are indirectly supporting my writing life without any extra cost to you. Thank you so much!

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