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Above the Fold: Lines about Rachel Scott McDaniel’s Debut Novel

Above the Fold provides readers with a glimpse into the competitive world of journalism, especially if you happen to be a woman, in the Roaring Twenties. Rachel Scott McDaniel’s debut novel is a Christian historical fiction selection. I highly recommend it.

What makes this book a great story is all of the included elements: suspense, romance, history, family and story telling. Elissa Tillman struggles to find her place in her father’s world. She wants to take over his newspaper, but instead the starring role is given to her former love, Cole Parker. Soon they are both involved in chasing after a story that requires both of their contributions.

Issues are also investigated. How do you forgive when someone leaves you behind? Can you use your gifts and abilities in a world that does not want to acknowledge women? How do you show appreciation toward your family and toward those who have given you a chance? Can you maintain true to yourself and still meet others’ expectations? These questions are tackled with truth.

While I am not an actual journalist, I have written articles for magazines. Being a part of the story telling world is a privilege but can also be challenging. Sometimes there are stories that do make it to the front page, such as the adventures of my friend, Anne, who climbed Kilimanjaro and made an impact in so many ways. I was glad to highlight both her story and the book in an Instagram post.


Here is the link to purchase this great book! 

Also, if you head over to Rachel’s Facebook page, you can watch the fun trailer she created to tell more about this book. I appreciate her letting me share the link with you!

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  1. Rachel McDaniel

    Wow!! This is such an amazing write-up of Above the Fold! Thank you!! I’m SO honored!!! This story began as a tribute to my husband’s grandpa who worked as a press foreman for decades! He LOVED the newspaper world and I hoped to capture his zeal and love for the printed word.


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