Angela Ruth Strong Interview About Husband Auditions

I am so excited to introduce you to one of my author friends, Angela Ruth Strong. I have enjoyed so many of her books through the years. When I found out I was able to be on the launch team for her latest book, Husband Auditions, I was so excited. I appreciate her taking the time to tell us more!

Author Angela Ruth Strong
Husband Auditions

What inspired you to write this story?

My first bit of inspiration was the idea of a woman trying out antiquated advice.

You picked an unlikely hero for Husband Auditions. What was your motivation?

Writing about a lazy hero was actually the second reason why I wanted to write this book. Women deal with this in real life, but you don’t see it in Christian romance. I wanted to write a love letter to the women who are exhausted by having to do it all. I wanted to say, “I see you.”.

The book includes 100 "tips" on landing a husband that you compiled with some reader suggestions. Which tip is your favorite one?

#50 Bake his favorite dessert. Bad cooking will drive your man to seedy saloons. LOL

Will you admit to doing anything "desperate" to catch the eye of your husband?

To catch my husband’s eye, I beat him in bocce ball at a single’s event. He still thinks of me as a bocce ball shark.

Gretchen's note: While I am not sure that I did anything desperate to catch my husband's eye, I definitely worked really hard to get him to hold my hand the first time. He teases me about it now. We were engaged 22 years ago today (9-18-99) and married in January 2000. Still love my man so much - glad God had him in mind for me.

While this book is such a fun romantic comedy, there is a deeper message being portrayed. What do you feel like that is?

Rather than change who you are to get a man, be the kind of person you would love to hang out with for the rest of your life. Desire greater virtue over greater recognition..

Was there a verse that fit along with that theme?

The verse I used was from The Message translation of Matthew 19:12. “If you are capable of growing into the largeness of marriage, do it.” So maybe the message above should also include the goal of not just getting married, but creating relationships that last by being and choosing a person of virtue.

Are you working on a book right now?

I’m currently writing Football is My Boyfriend. It’s about a woman who inherits four football tickets in her breakup, and it’s through going to games with a group of women that will help her learn the teamwork skills needed to make her relationship work. Though getting her ex back is going to require a Hail Mary.

Thank you so much, Angela, for telling us more about your life and books!

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