Reviews of the Riverbend Series by Denise Hunter

Riverbend Gap series by Denise Hunter

The Riverbend Series by Denise Hunter is set in the fictional town of Riverbend, North Carolina. Nearby is the actual Appalachian Trail which plays a part in all three books. This series is published by Thomas Nelson in 2021 and 2022. Below are my honest reviews of each individual book.

This book starts with an adventure. Katelyn finds herself stuck on the side of the mountain. Cooper comes upon her vehicle and is able to distract her while she waits for rescue. They form a connection. Too bad she is already dating his brother who she really does care about. But she keeps being thrown together with Cooper. How can she be true to heart, stay connected to the family and do the right thing? This book is about making hard choices, then about finding grace when missteps are taken. The relationships aspect was not easy or automatic, and I think that added a lot of depth to the story.

There were definitely some unexpected elements to this one. Katelyn is also trying to connect with a person from her past. That was another key element of the story.

I also really enjoyed how the author connected the book to the Appalachian Trail. An area hike was a key component. The small town was trying to connect their history to the trail while revitalizing the area.

I can tell I am going to really enjoy this series by Denise Hunter. I did read a copy through NetGalley. I wanted to review the book. All opinions are my own.

“But to Avery, Riverbend, nestled in its guardian mountains, was a safe haven from the rest of the world. She’d known she wanted to grow old here even before she’d realized she wanted to be a doctor. The people were friendly and quick to lend a hand. And the Robinson roots were deep here – five generations deep. She came from farmers and entrepreneurs, all devoted to this small mountain town. She was proud to carry on the family legacy.”

The readers first met Avery in “Riverbend Gap,” the first book in the series. She is portrayed as a capable doctor who provides tremendous assistance to her patients and community. In this book, we find out why she is so available and works so hard. Definitely an unexpected part of the plot.

One cannot help but like Wes. He is loyal to those he has invited into his life. Plus he wants to give back to show appreciation for his blessings. I am glad that he recognized that loyalty and support does not have to look a certain way. He also has a backstory that plays into the plot.

I liked the fact that Appalachian Trail again plays a part in the storyline. This one focuses more on the clinic then the community. But the Robinsons matter to the story again – Cooper and fiancée Katie return along with the parents, Lisa and Jeff. I am definitely looking forward to Gavin’s story.

This was another enjoyable Denise Hunter book for me. Her writing is consistently good. While her characters are not perfect, they always show growth. And faith is another important element. I cannot help but get caught up in her stories.
I did read this book through NetGalley. I wanted to read and review it. All opinions are my own.

Book will be published in Fall 2022. Review coming soon.

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