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Christmas Lyric Lines Volume 3: Song Seven for my Savior: “Christmas Changes Everything”

So much emphasis is placed on this one day of the year that sometimes that can be a lot of pressure.  Especially for moms.  Did we pick out the right gifts?  Did we buy enough?  Are the decorations  spectacular enough?  Did we remember to bake the right cookies or make elaborate enough meals?  How easy losing […]

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Lyric Lines Vol. 2: Three of Seven Songs for my Savior

Sometimes a song just gets stuck in your head.  This song is mine from today.  I woke up with the song resonating in my heart.  In trying to discover the name of the tune, I found a great Christmas album.  Josh Wilson’s album “Noel” was just added to our I-Tunes.  What can I say?  Christmas […]

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