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Lyric Lines Vol. 2: Four of Seven Songs for my Savior

Since this year the ladies seem to be lacking on my Christmas song posts, I thought I had better remedy that.  When I first heard this song by Francesca Battistelli, the tune moved up to favorite status.  Anyone who is a mom can testify the abounding joy that comes once your child finally arrives.  Getting […]

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Lyric Lines Vol. 2: Three of Seven Songs for my Savior

Sometimes a song just gets stuck in your head.  This song is mine from today.  I woke up with the song resonating in my heart.  In trying to discover the name of the tune, I found a great Christmas album.  Josh Wilson’s album “Noel” was just added to our I-Tunes.  What can I say?  Christmas […]

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Lines of Desperation: “Lord, I Need You”

Evidently this month has passed by in a blur because I did not realize that I have not been here for several weeks.  This has been a challenging month for my family.  Faced with a daunting decision, we are choosing to walk by faith in a new direction that involves a job change and probable […]

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