Lyric Lines Vol. 2: Three of Seven Songs for my Savior

Sometimes a song just gets stuck in your head.  This song is mine from today.  I woke up with the song resonating in my heart.  In trying to discover the name of the tune, I found a great Christmas album.  Josh Wilson’s album “Noel” was just added to our I-Tunes.  What can I say?  Christmas music just might be my kryptonite.

The song “Jesus is Alive.”  During this season of lights, we can forget that Jesus came to die.  Somehow death means darkness to us when really that is the only way to find life.  Through the death of Jesus on the cross.  Christmas is just the beginning of how our lives can be changed.  Here are a portion of his lyrics.

Oh such Amazing Grace
A divine conspiracy
This Savior in a manger changes everything
That’s why we sing

Noel, Noel, Jesus is alive
Emanuel, hope is here tonight
So go, and tell, the world that death has died
‘Cause Jesus is alive, yeah Jesus is alive

And here is the song, complete with all of the lyrics …

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